There’s a saying while I attended military bootcamp back in the day:

The days seem to drag on endlessly but weeks fly by

Well this week we’re doing practice interviews and I can’t help but wonder where the last few months had gone.

Seemed like only yesterday, when I had started this blog with the intention of documenting my experience at Codeup. Didn’t quite pan out as planned but did I have a blast!

Yes it was intense but it was hella fun. Stressful, but exciting at the same time.

Now I can actually see the finish line.


We graduate on June 14th!

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Ednalyn C. De Dios

I’ve always been enamored with code and I love data science because of its inherent power to solve real problems. Having grown up in the Philippines, served in the United States Navy, and worked in the nonprofit sector, I am driven to make the world a better place. I have started and participated in numerous campaigns that aim to reduce domestic violence and child abuse in the community.