Select Rows from a DataFrame Based on Multiple Conditions in Pandas

I’m continuing to break down a very popular stackoverflow post at

df.loc[(df['column_name'] >= A) & (df['column_name'] <= B)]

Here, the df‘s in the line of code above represent the name of data frame that we are working with.

.loc is a keyword.

The outermost square brackets [...] contains the condition that you want to use as filter. In this case, we have two conditions inside separated by & with the each condition enclosed by an open and close parenthesis (...).

This is condition #1:

(df['column_name'] >= A)

This is condition #2:

(df['column_name'] <= B)

The column_name in condition #1 can be the same or different from condition #2; it all depends on how you want to filter the data frame. The same goes for the >= and <= comparison signs, and A & B.

Suppose I have a data frame called my_tie_collection. If I only want ties that are both blue and made from silk, then, I would type:

my_tie_collection.loc[(my_tie_collection['color'] == 'blue') & (my_tie_collection['material'] == 'silk')]

Take note, I used == to denote matching and I also put single quotes around blue and silk.

Select Rows from a DataFrame based on a Value in a Column in Pandas

Today, I’ll be breaking down a very popular stackoverflow post at

df.loc[df['column_name'] == some_value]

Above, df is the name of the data frame. You should replace it twice with the name of your data frame.

.loc is a keyword.

Next, replace column_name with the name of the column that contains the values you want to filter.

Finally, replace some_value with the desired value.

For example, if I have a data frame named “my_shoe_collection” and I want to select only the rows where the value of “color” is “blue” then:

my_shoe_collection.loc[my_shoe_collection['color'] == 'blue']

Also, if I have the same data frame named and I want to only select rows where the value of “price” is less than $50, then:

my_shoe_collection.loc[my_shoe_collection['price'] <= 50]

Notice how I got rid of the single quotation marks since I’m dealing with an actual number?


There’s a saying while I attended military bootcamp back in the day:

The days seem to drag on endlessly but weeks fly by

Well this week we’re doing practice interviews and I can’t help but wonder where the last few months had gone.

Seemed like only yesterday, when I had started this blog with the intention of documenting my experience at Codeup. Didn’t quite pan out as planned but did I have a blast!

Yes it was intense but it was hella fun. Stressful, but exciting at the same time.

Now I can actually see the finish line.


We graduate on June 14th!